Sh. Jai Prakash Bansal

Our Founder

It is said that from humble beginnings come great things and we couldn't agree more.

Dehradun Public School, popularly called DDPS, opened its doors in [Month] 1983 in Ashok Nagar, Ghaziabad with just 10 rooms and a founding cohort of 20 students. Over the years, we have grown into 4 beautiful campuses and are over 9000 students stronger from Pre-school to Class 12. 

Through our partite mission of education and public service, we have always kept our institution's doors open for every child without discrimination no matter how hard the challenges. While we are used to the prideful histories of the 'world/global schools' but our story is more profoundly one of resilience in the face of challenges. 








Our "education for all" approach flows directly from the ethos and values of our revered founder, Late Shri Jai Prakash Bansal who started DDPS with the aim to provide quality education to all students without any prejudices. Mr. Bansal, while originally belonging to Ghaziabad (U.P.) was a civil engineer by profession and was posted in the city of Dehradun -also known as the "school capital of India". Inspired by the educational culture in the city and with a desire to enter the services space, exploring various diversification opportunities, Mr. Bansal returned to Ghaziabad and set out to create and establish "Dehradun Public School" in Ghaziabad.


The vision that was initially carved out by one man is collectively shared and felt amongst thousands today. Having said that, we truly believe that DDPS is a living organism that evolves further with each passing year.


While nurturing the vision of our founder, everyone at DDPS shares a deep commitment to our five Guiding Principles, which shape all our day to day functioning, decisions and strategies. Our principles are our foundation and remain integral to our continued success.


Building Character: "Producing students with good grades is not enough for helping them lead a fruitful life. This is why we focus on preparing students with morals, ethics, soft skills." - Ms. Priya Dhall, Principal - DDPS Sanjay Nagar


Boosting Confidence: "In all aspects of life including education, your success depends mainly upon what you think of yourself and whether you believe in yourself" - Ms. Renuka Sharma, Principal - DDPS Govindpuram


Instill a Love for Learning: "It is the most valuable gift we can give kids and when done properly, academic success follows automatically" - Ms. Avantika Singh, Chief Strategist - DDPS


Encouraging Empathy: "If we want to encourage empathy, we must be very intentional about incorporating diverse viewpoints and guiding our students in deep and compassionate discussions." - Ms. Mriganka Singh, Director - DDPS


Maintaining Integrity: "As C.S. Lewis rightly explained, integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching." - Ms. Jyotsana Sirohi, Principal - DDPS Muzaffarnagar


We are privileged to do this work. We are proud of our successes and accomplishments, and we believe our best achievements lie ahead.





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